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Bravo TV: 5 Tips for Taking Amazing Food Photos Even If You’re Not an Instagram Pro

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InStyle: Instagram Is Making Me Gain Weight—and These Famous Foodstagrammers Agree

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amNY: Porter House launching new Brunch + Learn series, starting with Instagram skills

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USA Today: Big Apple picnics: Enjoy New York like a local

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Total Food: Top Women in Metro New York Foodservice & Hospitality 2017

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Extra Crispy: How To Become An Instagram Food Star in 6 Steps

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The Culture Trip: The American Dessert Trends You Need to Know:

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Gotham Magazine: Instagram Stars Who Are Changing The Way We See New York City

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HX: The Hotel Experience Profile

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Servy Blog: NYC Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

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Her Campus: 8 Foodstagrams Everyone Should Follow

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High Snobiety: 9 Food Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

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Hello Beautiful: The Most Delish-Looking, Drool-Worthy Food Accounts To Help You Step Your Lunch Game Up

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CNN: How Instagram has changed the food industry


Extra Crispy: The Great Cream Cheese Debate: How Much Is Just Right?

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Dan’s Paper: Shock Ice Cream Carnival Cone Is an Internet Sensation

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Zagat: 10 Essential NYC Dishes to Eat (and Instagram) According to EatingNYC

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AdWeek: Snapchat Influencers Start Labeling Social Endorsements as Paid Ads

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Mediaite: 11 Food Instagrammers You Need to be Following

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TeenVogue: 10 Food Instagram Accounts We Can’t Stop Drooling Over

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AdWeek: Why Some of Instagram’s Most Popular Food Accounts Are Fleeing to Snapchat

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AdWeek: Meet the 30 Most Influential People in Food

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Refinery 29: 13 New York Foodies You Need to Follow On Instagram

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BuzzFeed: 10 Foodie Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow NOW


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B&H: Instagram Photography Tips for Foodies from @EatingNYCScreen Shot 2016-09-13 at 11.25.45 AM.png

Refinery 29: What it’s REALLY Like to Become a Social Media Food StarScreen Shot 2016-03-18 at 5.16.41 PM.png

Eater: The Great Hamburger DebateScreen Shot 2016-10-25 at 11.21.30 AM.png

Village Voice: Meet the Millennials Behind NYC’s Most Popular Food Instagrams

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Schweid&Sons: How to Build a Food Following and Work With Influencers on Instagram


DuJour: How To Take Better Food Photos For Instagram

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Digital Trends: 11 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

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Fox 5: Cashing in on Food-Based Instagram Accounts

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Wall Street Journal: Food Instagrammers Turn Their Accounts Into Professions

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BusinessWire: CyberLink Launches “Foodies & Photographs” Festive Food Photography Campaign

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MetroUK: The best burger in the world has been announced – and it is vegan!Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 10.57.15 AM.png

Guest of a Guest: Our Favorite New Yorkers Talk Their Perfect Fall Weekend

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FourSquare: Where You And Your Crew Can Dine On The Cheap

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Spoon University: 30 Food Puns Guaranteed to Up Your Instagram Game

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EatUpNewYork: Interview With Instagram RockStar @EatingNYC

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Cosmopolitan: 15 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Immediately

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AM New York: NYC Food Instagrammers You Need to Follow Immediately Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.00.27 PM

Rapetti Review: Instagram Spotlight: @EatingNYC

Rapetti Review

Business Insider: 7 Insta-famous New York City sandwiches that will leave you speechless

EatingNYC Center Bar Grilled Cheese

The Guardian: Eating Out in NYC – By Instagram

The Guardian


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NewsCult: The 10 Best Food Instagram Accounts To Follow


Examiner: On the scene: Thrillist’s ‘Fest of the Best’ bash

Fest of the Best

SBE: Food Porn: The Best Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Food Porn: The Best Foodies to Follow on Instagram

MadeMan: 10 NYC-Based Food Instagram Accounts To Follow


Elite Daily: NYC Must EEEEEATS: If You’re In The Big Apple, You Need To Try These 15 Foods


Betches Love This: Our Top 15 Favorite #EatingForTheInsta Instagrams

Betches Love This

The Infatuation: Underrated: Midtown East

Underrated: Midtown East

Guest of a Guest: Insta Food: 7 Tips On Taking The Perfect Food Instagram

Instagram Tips

Used York City: 5 NYC Foodie Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Used York City